Hello! :wave: This is a brand-new website I’m cooking up during winter break this year. This post is just to outline what I’m doing here and what I plan for the future of this website.

Why am I here?

I dunno. You tell me. I’m surprised you even found this in the first place. Come say hi!

Why are you making this website?

I like doing side projects, and having a website seemed pretty cool to me, so here we are.

I had a website before this one that I made using React, Typescript, and TailwindCSS. I was inspired by the website of a good friend of mine here. He’s a serious web developer; I recommend checking his stuff out. Anyway, long story short, it ended up being a bigger project than I wanted or had time for. So…

Here I am with a new website made through GitHub Pages and Jekyll. From the little I have done in the past couple days, it seems much easier to handle and it just looks good right off the bat.

What are your plans for this site?

Primarily to learn and have fun. Secondarily, to post about the things I learn in a fun format. I would like this website to have more content and be better updated than my previous website project.

I think this website would also be a good place to post coding cheat sheets to refer back to in the future. I currently have a GitHub markdown language cheat sheet up as I’m writing this.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks to anyone who came by to visit. Feel free to contact me and say hi. Hopefully this website stays relatively updated… :sweat_smile: