This post is mostly just for me so that I can keep track of what I want to do with this project. But if you are interested in how the project is going and what I have to think about as I’m developing it, feel free to continue reading. :wink:

What’s been done

  • Set up Jekyll
    • Website is functional
  • Publish website
    • It’s available to everyone! Yay!
  • Created basis for custom Jekyll theme
    • I’m using a custom theme which gives me complete control over how the website looks
  • Better URLs (easier to read)
  • Easier emojis with emoji plugin

What’s causing problems

  • Separate configuration for development and production environments
    • With the current setup, I have to remember to fix the configuration files every time I update the website. This might involve customizing the building of the website on GitHub’s end. Which will be interesting to say the least.
  • Mobile support
    • “But the website looks great on my monitor!” -every web developer ever. Half of the people I asked to view my website used their phone.
  • Finding a good, readable font
    • While Nerd Fonts is awesome, their fonts are designed for nerds and their terminals. Which means not awesome for plain reading. I need to strike a balance between cool looking and legible.

What needs doing

  • Website and Jekyll theme documentation
    • Good luck following along with what I’m trying to do. The comments are few and far between
  • “Date edited” tags on posts
    • Of the two posts that I have now, I’ve gone back to them on occasion to spiff them up. Sometimes it’s important to know things have changed.
  • Tags on posts
    • Helps organize things
  • Sortings ports
    • By tag, title, date, etc.